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WizKids Information

WizKid inhibits cross contamination.

WizKid neutralizes urine bacteria.

The first step in stopping the spread of urine bacteria is to understand where it starts. WizKid's team knows that humidity and higher temperatures are starting points for cross contamination, growth of urine bacteria and bacteria diseases. Since we do not have the ability to see cross contamination starting, nor incipient bacteria diseases, is advisable to address the source and counteract the urine bacteria growth and spread.

Urine bacteria grow by feeding on acidic urine. The more acid urine is present the more urine bacteria grows and chances for bacteria diseases are rising. As bacteria grow so does the likelihood of cross contamination and the bacteria in urine spread.

When acid urine is on the floor it usually ends walked throughout the facility. When trapped into carpet the urine bacteria are able to feed on the alkaline salts that are left by the presence of acid urine. This will continue until the bacteria in urine are neutralized.

WizKid is great at stopping the cross contamination dilemma. As the urine puddle is contained people can't avoid stepping in urine. Secondly, the antimicrobial that is embedded into the fibers of the WizKid neutralizes the urine bacteria and its food source. This stops the development of bacteria in urine and bacteria diseases that would accompany it. As a result you have an acid urine free area without bacteria in urine contamination and better smelling restroom.

How long does the WizKid last?

How long does WizKid offer floor protection?

Due to the actions and frequency of the customers a used mat needs to be change for constant floor protection. For the carpet removal we are providing this simple chart based on cleaning routine and field experiences involving floor protection. Some have found the air drying WizKid mat to work well for up to a month achieving best floor protection while others have decided to change the air drying is a used mat more than once a week since they need floor protection in extremely high volume of attendees restrooms.

It is our recommendation that during cleaning routine you observe the air drying WizKid mat and when an odor begins to ask for carpet removal then you know that the WizKid has become an used mat and there is need for moping. High traffic restrooms will need changing more often and slower more conservative restrooms will need less changing of air drying WizKids mat. The key to maintaining floor protection and the restroom continually smelling fresh is consistency in the cleaning routine. Keep a scheduled moping and cleaning routine, change every used mat and a clean restroom will naturally follow.

Helping the Green Movement

WizKid and future recycled material

It is true that the WizKid is not a green mat. Our desire in the near future is to present a mat of recycled material and use green material. When those green material ingredients in the manufacturing of antimicrobial mats become available we will help green, switch to them and support green movement.

However, even though the WizKid is not a green mat we do contribute to the green movement. With the WizKid we help green because there is far less need for other non green material in restroom cleaning and floor protection. The WizKid is not a recycled material mat due to specific non green material composition that can capture urine helping a lot restroom cleaning leaving less area to be treated with chemical or toxic solutions that do not support green movement. When the recycled material technology will allow, we will have a green mat Also, with the WizKid non green mat the need for frequent stripping of the tile, linoleum and marble is reduced greatly due to the floor protection that the WizKid provides in restroom cleaning.

Contract Cleaner and the WizKid

Contract Cleaner business helped by WizKid

The WizKid is becoming a favored product of a contract cleaner, and for good reason. Time in restroom cleaning is the most expensive commodity of a contract cleaner. The WizKid reduces the time needed by resolving the urine problem underneath the urinals, around the toilets and down the grout lines. With the urine problem the amount of effort and chemical needed in restroom cleaning is highly reduced.

The best thing about a good contract cleaner is consistency. The answer on how to remove urine, their ability to clean on a regular basis makes them truly a great asset to resolve any urine problem for any company and facility.

Finally, the WizKid only takes seconds to replace. Now you see how to remove urine in seconds. For a contract cleaner is easy to use. It air dries and does not hold the urine like a diaper there's no concern of spillage and it folds easily and fits into any trash receptacle.

Business owners have searched for a product that can assist them in restroom urine problem and restroom cleaning. The WizKid met that challenge and is now being used by finer restaurants all over the country. By instituting the WizKid into their restroom cleaning, a contract cleaners is able to stay ahead of a puddle from every forming and the odors that follow. When a restroom cleaning really matters because your image depends on it the WizKid - urine problem solver, is the perfect team member. Customers will see that you care about best restroom cleaning and do not want to have urine problems in your most private areas.

Your restroom - Your Image

Sparkling image improved by WizKid

People always say “Don’t judge a book by the cover.” However, what they say and what they do is quite different. When it comes to your sparkling image it would be great if you could get away with “Don't judge this store or this restaurant by the bathrooms.” But you can’t ask the sanitization to pass unnoticeable. Customers are going to judge your basic hygiene primarily by how you are cleaning urine in restrooms. Basic hygiene, deeper sanitization and efficient methods of cleaning urine are a must if you want to build a sparkling image.

For the cleaning routine consider using a absorbent mat because it saves a lot of time and cleaning urine becomes more cost-efficient.

When the cleaning routine is unattended or the process of cleaning urine seems neglected then it is assumed that the rest of your basic hygiene is also precarious. Many business owners have realized this hygiene perception and they are working to maintain a thorough cleaning routine, more than a basic hygiene trough germs sanitization, providing a sparkling image for their activity.

Along with cleaning routine the WizKid is making great improvements in the image and quality of restroom cleaning by helping sanitization, cleaning urine puddles and leaving sparkling restrooms.